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Re: lp and Debian 2.0 (More info)

Thanks Sean --

	Actually, I don't think it even uses the ppa module to get the zip
drive.  When I try to modprobe ppa, it says 'can't locate module ppa',
even after I've done modprobe -r ppa.  I've also looked in /proc/modules
and /etc/conf.modules for something that looks like the ppa module, and I
don't see it.  And yet the zip drive functions.

	Is is possible that while I set the system up for the lp module,
the ppa driver is loaded into the kernal?  If so, I didn't even know this
was possible.  Does anyone know if you need to select the ppa module on
install from the scsi modules section?  Seems like I looked in there and
didn't see it (and it detected the zip drive from the get-go).

 Christopher S. Swingley
 Department of Biology and Wildlife
 University of Alaska Fairbanks

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