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Re: WP8 - Lots of Joy and some grumbles

Hi Richard,

        Here maybe a bug in Wp8, but I am not sure, because I'm new to Linux.
        In the command window "xterm" I run the command "less
/usr/doc/dosemu/README.txt" to view the contents. There are some headings for each
paragraph listed (something like) in bold characters. On the other hand if I view it
with Wp8 all those bold headings are not converted. Instead, it turns out to be square
        The README.txt file is originally in gzipped format (README.txt.gz of which I
gunzipped it for Wp8 to read) while I choose ascii text format from the popup dialog
box for convertion.
        Any idea to solve this problem ?
        Yesterday I saw an email complaining Wp8 more or less the same as I do.

        I am using Fvwm95 as my window manager, running Debian 2.0.34.

        Thanks in advance.

        Alan Tam

Richard Lyon wrote:

> Hi all,
> I see this latest version of wordperfect is causing some excitement. Has
> anyone checked to see how the micrsoft share price is faring?
> Before I can consider downloading this software I would like some hear some
> slightly more objective reviews. Would anyone be prepared to use wordperfect
> for a number of days and then post a mini-review for the rest of us debian
> plebs? I am interested in an exact list of features, bugs, speed, ease of
> use, how it stacks up against other similar products, etc ...
> There also must be some issue about the packages that must be pre-installed
> before attempting to run wordperfect. Maybe a mini-howto-debian-wordperfect
> would save us having to read iterated help pleas.
> Have fun ...
> --
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