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Re: SCSI isn't recognized

I believe.. try this...

go into card bios for the SCSI card.. and on each ID device.. turn UW
negotation for those ID devices that don't require it.. and if say ID #0 is
a UW scsi drive.. then leave UW negotation on.. once you done that save the
settings to the UW card.. and retry linux..

I think I say a mate do this, as he had all the devices set to UW negotation
even for stuff that is not UW and it did this same thing.. So try turning it
off for those devices that are not UW and see what happens.. email me back
and let me know..


-----Original Message-----
From: The Sutherland's <tsland@worldnet.att.net>
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
Date: Friday, 18 December 1998 16:22
Subject: SCSI isn't recognized

>Dear Users,
>    I just tried to install Debian 2 from CD-ROM on my machine, I got
>the Debian boot prompt, pressed enter without parameters, linux began to
>load then I kept getting the following messages repeated over and over
>(one hour) until I just shut the computer off:
>    SCSI host 0 abort (pid 2) timed out-resetting
>    SCSI bus is being reset for host o channel 0
>    SCSI host 0 channel 0 reset (pid 2) timed out-trying harder
>    SCSI bus is being reset for host 0 channel 0
>    (scsi0: -1:-1:-1) Bad scbptr 16 during SELTO
>    (scsi0: -1:-1:-1) Referenced scb 255 not valid during SELT0
>    scsiseq = 0x5a SEQADDR = 0x8 SSTATO = 0x15 SSTAT1 = 0x88
>As I said, this message would repeat forever, if I let it.
>    Hardware, with win95 installed:
>        3 1/4 floppy
>        SCSI ID #0: Seagate ST51080N HDD
>        SCSI ID #3: NEC CD-ROM: 461
>        SCSI ID #4: Iomega Jaz-1G
>        SCSI ID #7: AHA-2940 U/UW Adapter
>                No other devices installed.
>                Note: I did get the Debian boot prompt where I began
>loading Linux, then I got the above messages.
>    Help!
>    Thanks,
>            Tim Sutherland

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