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Re: "Reply all" doesn't work in exmh

> > In exmh, when you select "Reply.../Reply All" it allows you to reply, but 
> > only to the sender, not to all!
> > 
> > What is wrong?
> Hello Mark,
> 	Please try this in your home directory :
> <cvxfr>[emile]<102> cat .exmhbindings 
> set {bindings(key,Msg_Reply -nocc to -nocc cc -cc me)} <Key-r>
> set {bindings(key,Msg_Reply -cc to -cc cc -cc me)} <Key-R>
> set {bindings(key,Msg_Reply -nocc to -nocc cc)} {}
> set {bindings(key,Msg_Reply -cc to -cc cc)} {}
> <cvxfr>[emile]<103>

Still doesn't work for me.  When I tried it it came up with
	repl -cc to -cc cc -cc me
in purple in the message box, but there was no cc.  Could it be a bug
with nmh?



        "They told me I was gullible ... and I believed them!" 

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