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Re: Utility to set PC clock

I use, and recommend, the xntp3 package. (The x has nothing
to do with X windows).  It may be overkill for your specific
problem, but it works nicely and is well documented.

"The Network Time Protocol allows for the synchronization of clocks on 
networked computers.  The xntpd daemon implements NTP, allowing Unix 
systems to participate in this synchronization."

Carl Fink wrote:
> My system clock has started to run really slow.  I mean, like 40
> minutes per day slow.
> Does anyone know a program that will get a time from some source on
> the net and set the system clock based on EST?  I could add it to my
> ip-up script and the computer would never fall far behind.
> (I plan to upgrade in January, so this would be a temporary fix.)

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