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Installing Debian???

  I  am very, very new to linux and attempting to install Debian on my PC.
I am having 3 independent problems that I hope someone can help me with.
  1)  I have a Mitsumi CD-ROM drive, but when I try to install the drivers
for it during the "install drivers phase" of installation, I keep
getting the message installation failed.  It seems like the drive is
supported (there are options for a Mitsumi CD-ROM drive and an Mitsumi
extended drive).  I am not sure if it is failing because I am giving it
the wrong command line options (specifying IRQ and IO, which admittedly I
am unsure about) or what.

  2)  I have an SMC 1211TX network card, and I am trying to use the
rtl8139 driver for it, but I keep receiving an installation failed message
as well.  I know that someone else has successfully used this driver with
this card, but he was not using Debian.  To get it to work, he ended up
hacking the drivers a little and compiling it into the kernel.  My
question is: after only the base install, is it possible to compile the
kernel?  My original plan was to configure my network card, and then
download packages through ftp, but I may need to compile code before I can
configure my network card.

 3)  During the base install, I keep getting a message that says "There
was a problem extracting the base system from /target/base2_0.tgz" after I
have entered all 5 floppy disks with the base system on them (without
receiving any disk errors). I used rawrite2 under a DOS shell in win95 to
write to the disks (I no longer have Win95 on my computer), so what could
the problem be?

  Thank You,

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