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how to set up delete and Num_Lock under X Window ?

Under X Window
backspace works in the standard way but delete works exactly
the same way as backspace.

How can I achieve the two keys named delete working under
X Window in all applications (e.g. xterm, emacs, mathematica, netscape, 
vim,..) in the standard way (erasing the sign after cursor not
before, like backspace does) ?   

On the console (without X Window) delete works in the
standard way (erases signs after cursor).


In many applications (e.g.:netscape, mathematica)
the keys from the "numeric keyboard" does not work
(when push some key it is heard "bip").
Pushing Num Lock does not give anything ?

To be more precisely I have quite big mess.

In Mathematica3.0, netscape4.5 any of the keys from numeric keyboard
does not work. Under Netscape the standard delete (not the one
from the numeric keyboard) works in the standard way (erases
signs after cursor) but in Mathematica front end
delete works exactly the same way as backspace.

I have read in keyboard-howto that it is rather needed to
define for each applications separately the keymap to get delete
and numeric keyboard working in the standard way under X Window. 

If anybody has the keyboard (delete and numeric keyboard) working
in the standard way, please help me (e.g. some input code
for .inputrc, .Xmodmap, .emacs,...). 

I use debian2.0, kernel-2.0.36, xserver-

Thanks in advance

Please send the answer to krupa@alpha.sggw.waw.pl
because the mailing list is too busy for me so I could miss the answer.

Jan Krupa

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