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Re: Xemacs and Column edits

rathon <rathon01@usa.net> asked:

> Can Xemacs do Column editing ?

At least you can kil and yank entire columns, so that you can swap them


1) mark the left upper corner of the column (Move point to this spot and
   press C-x @)
2) move point to the lower right corner of the column and press C-x r k 
   (from Rectangle Kill)
3) move point to the spot where the upper left corner of the moved column
   is going to be.
4) press C-x r y (Rectangle Yank)

You can make multiple copies of the column by multiply executing C-x r y.

If C-x r k and C-x r y don't work, try M-x kill-rectangle resp.
   M-x yank-rectangle.


Paul Huygen

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