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Re: Pine & Netscape

> No this I had already tried and it fails.. instead of opening netscape
> it opens the default lynx browser. Thanks for the try tho. Anyone else
> like to take a stab at this aswell?

this is how i used to do it in pine 3.96.  i've had problems getting it to
work properly in pine 4.05 with the url-viewer function and communicator
4.5 ... but this did definately work for me with netscape 3 and pine 3.96.

in your ~/.mailcap add these lines:

text/html; /usr/lib/netcape/45b2/netcape/netscape -remote 'openURL(%s)'|| \
        /usr/lib/netscape/45b2/netscape/netscape %s; needsterminal; \
        description=HTML Text; nametemplate=%s.html

i'm not at by debian box now so i can't play to make it actually work but
something similar to this should work with the newer versions.


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