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Re: eth0: unknown interface

Ethernet dirvers are not included in default kernel (as far as I
am aware) so unless you have re-compiled your kernel then you
shouldn't have any in.

If you want to check, well I guess you could just look at the
screen output during boot time and see if there is any repeated
info about setting up your network card (this is how I noticed
last time).  Not sure if 'dmesg' will give you all the info you
need.  If the boot message 

Alternatives include using 'modconf' which allows you to add and
remove modules, or you can just have a look in the /etc/modules
file (probably quicker).  Either of these should tell you if you
have a module installed for your network device.

Hope this helps....

Rino Mardo wrote:
> How does one have a compiled AND module driver?  Where can I look to find
> out what other modules are being loaded?
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