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Re: Accidental power-out / LILO / mount @ boot?

Quick question...

All the HOWTOs and FAQs I've read say to give the pass param for extra drives
the value of 2, but this is the second message I've seen using 0 instead.
What's up with that?


In a message dated 12/6/98 8:59:43 PM Central Standard Time,
c680789@showme.missouri.edu writes:

> And yes. To mount /hda1 and /hda2 what you need to do is edit
>  /etc/fstab, adding 2 lines to it:
>  /dev/hda1 mountpoint1 msdos rw 0 0
>  /dev/hda2 mountpoint2 msdos rw 0 0 
>  This will automaticly mount partitions at the bootup.

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