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Re: xfig and meta key

You could setup the mouse so pressing the left+right buttons
simultaneously is equivalent to the the middle button. This
works OK for me in xfig.

(sigh.... if only there was an xfig port for windows NT)

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From: Lance Hoffmeyer <lanceh@ibm.net>
To: Debian-user <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
Date: Sunday, 6 December 1998 15:07
Subject: xfig and meta key

>I have a two button mouse and in xfig I am supposed to be able to
>simulate the middle button of a three button mouse by pressing the meta
>key and the right mouse button at the same time.  This does not seem to
>work but in emacs I can use the alt key as as meta so it does not appear
>to be that my meta key is not functional at all but rather that it is
>simply not functional in xfig.  Does anyone know what I can try to
>correct this?  I need the meta key so I can draw lines in xfig.

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