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Re: Understanding /root, /usr, /var and so on


> Please help me for the right understanding:

I think you have it almost right...

>   the /root contains only the kernel and the device drivers,

Actually, that's just "/". It's called the root directory, but it's not
actually under /root. (/root is the administrator's working area.)

>   the /home is the working area / space for the user (with space for  
>       store of their own data?),

Yes. Each user gets a subdirectory of /home.

>   the /usr is the main area comparable to WINDOWS PROGRAMMS,

Yes. If memory serves, it can actually be on a read-only partition.

>   /var for printer, mail, newsgroups.

Yes - also for other sundry things that need to be written, including system
logs in /var/log

Let's see what other directories I have:

/tmp - temporary files

/bin, /sbin, /lib - (part of /) system programs (programs that need to be
available even when /usr is missing)

/boot - boot file

/dev - (part of /) devices

/etc - (part of /) configuration files

/initrd - no idea - what is this?

/mnt or /mount - some admins use one of these for all their mount points

/proc - system information (not actually on disk)


Jiri <jiri@baum.com.au>

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