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Linux Expertise in London?


I'm thinking of setting up a linux box for my mother :)

My mother, you see, has a small business based in Chicago, with several tiny branch offices in the US, and a tiny branch office in London.  Said tiny branch office has four or five workers in it using windows, and they would like to be able to share files and a printer, back up shared files, and maybe share a ppp connection.  Enter Linux, yes?  I have done this for one of mom's tiny US offices, using an old 486 and Debian 2.0, and I would like to do it for the London office, but the staff there are naturally concerned that I will not be around to do maintainence once I've set things up.  If we assume for a moment that something could go wrong with a linux system that is only serving files via samba and running backups, is there anyone in London who might be able to lend a hand in a pinch?  Can anyone point me at a list of London-based linux consultants and/or linux-based ISPs?

Also:  Is there a good place to go for a used computer in London?  I'd like to spend money on scsi and good backup hardware rather than a shiny new processor.  As a second choice, could anyone suggest a place to buy a new machine in the UK with linux preinstalled?  How about networking gear?  Any favorite vendors?

Please reply directly-- the list may benefit from some of this info, but I can only skim headers these days.

Ed Slocomb, System Admin.
Sub Pop Records
eds@subpop.com , among others...

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