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Re: Configuring X

> Warning: The directory "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Speedo" does not exist.
> 	Entry deleted from path.
> Warning: The directory "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/100dpi" does not exist
> 	Entry deleted from path.

This is fine, just it can not find some of your fonts path to which is
specified in xset

> (**) FontPath set to
> "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc:unscaled,/usr/X11/fonts/75dpi:unscaled,/usr/X11/fonts/misc,/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/75dpi"
> (**) VGA16: chipset : generic
> (--) Vga16: videoram: 256K (using 256K)
> (**) VGA16: clocks: 25.25 28.32 31.50 75.00
> (--) VGA16: Maximum allowed dot-clock: 90.000 MHz
> (--) VGA16: There is no mode definition named "640x480"

Ok. Obviously, this is where the problem is:
xserver can not createa a mode with resolution that you specified.

When you are running xf86config (?) and you select the monitor and video
parameters, you will be given a menu where you can change your screen
It will look something like:
640x480  800x600  1024x768: 8dpp
480x320  640x480 : 16 dpp

Obviously, I'm making the order and configuration up, but that is the list
of valid modes you can have.
What happens is those modes get searched and first valid mode becomes the
one used. So what you can do is this: 
Hit 1 at that screen to change the order of modes in 8dpp.
Rearrange them so you have something like
480x320 640x480 for 8dpp

What this will do is attempt to run X at resolution 480x320. If it works,
then you can try and cycle through the availible modes with "Ctrl +"
(Please check me on this, not sure if this is the right key combo)
If you can get better resolution, great, rerun the configuration command,
and change the order of modes so you have a greater resolution first.
If you can not....and I think this is the case here, since you can not get
640x480, then you will have 480x320 running all the time.

> i've configured things by using XF86Setup since I can't call the config
> file by typing it.  For card I select Unsupported VGA compatible (since
> I do not know what kind of card it is- except that it is VGA, EGA(?),
> PGA(?) from my boot screen). For monitor Standard VGA, 640x480 @ 60 Hz.
> Modeselection 640x480.

Why can't you call it?
try xf86config


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