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Re: programmes to turn emacs text in WinWord

E.L. Meijer Eric" wrote:
> > 
> > Hi everybody,
> > 
> > I want to work with Linux but where I am, I am the only one.
> > Does anybody know if there are programmes to assure compatibility between
> > emacs (or another editor) and MS Word ? Even under licence, not only free.
> > Or maybe somehow using Netscape as text editor ?
> > After all we can not build a wall to separate the world in MS users and
> > Linux users.
> We don't.  Microsoft builds this wall by keeping their formats secret
> and changing them twice every year.  Anyway, Word should be able to
> read plain text files generated by emacs.  You may have to use the
> unix2dos program to change from unix to dos/windows line breaking
> style.  For other formats, look into Staroffice or Applixware, which
> both are capable of spitting out some kind of Word format (or even
> Wordperfect for linux).

mswordview can read Word formats and convert to html.


BTW - the Office file formats are published, they are just complicated
      and change every couple of years.

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