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Re: backup

Richard Black <rblack@cyberus.ca> writes:

> I have recently converted from nt to linux and have some tapes, made by
> ntbackup, that I would like to restore under linux.  Any help about how
> I could do this would be much appreciated!  The best that I can think of
> is via wine, but I haven't looked into this yet.

I don't think Wine is the right solution.

You need to get a/the tape drive recognised and configured under
Linux.  Then you can see whether the data is actually available.  What 
brand of tape drive is it, and how does it connect?

Have a look at some of the HOWTO's in /usr/doc/HOWTO too.

If you *have* got the tape working, but just can't get at the tapes,
you're beyond my knowledge.

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