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Re: sb 32 PnP

Richard Black wrote:
> Hi
> I have got my sound card (a soundblaster 32 PnP) up and running (with
> the 2.1.125 kernal).  Is there a way to check whether the card is just
> running like a sb16 (if indeed this is a meaningful question) os as a
> sb32?  My /dev/sndstat is below.

Basically, a SBAWE32 _is_ a SB16.  Sorta.  The DSP is the same as a
SB16, but you have the WaveTable MIDI stuff.

Here's my /etc/isapnp.conf

(READPORT 0x0203)

# This configures the SB16 audio part

(CONFIGURE CTL0045/62180365 (LD 0
 (INT 0 (IRQ 5 (MODE +E)))
 (DMA 0 (CHANNEL 1))
 (DMA 1 (CHANNEL 5))
 (IO 0 (SIZE 16) (BASE 0x0220))
 (IO 1 (SIZE 2) (BASE 0x0330))
 (IO 2 (SIZE 4) (BASE 0x0388))
 (NAME "CTL0045/62180365[0]{Audio               }")
 (ACT Y)

# This sets up my AWE Wave.  Notice the extra entries that pnpdump don't
# I got them from the AWE-HOWTO, and they work for me.

(CONFIGURE CTL0045/62180365 (LD 2
 (IO 0 (SIZE 4) (BASE 0x0620))
 (IO 1 (SIZE 4) (BASE 0x0A20))
 (IO 2 (SIZE 4) (BASE 0x0E20))
 (NAME "CTL0045/62180365[2]{WaveTable           }")
 (ACT Y)


Here's the /etc/conf.modules I use to auto-load the sound, sb16, and
awe_wave modules on demand (and even load the AWE samplebanks too!)

alias sound sb
alias char-major-14 sb
options sb io=0x220 irq=5 dma=1 dma16=5 mpu_io=0x330

# When a program looks for the synth device, load the AWE driver
alias synth0 awe_wave
# Load the samples too, so we can hear stuff. :)
post-install awe_wave /usr/bin/sfxload /usr/lib/awe/sfbank/synthgm.sbk

# In case we want to use the old FM Synth
options opl3 io=0x388

These work for me, using 2.1 and kmod, but should work the same if
you're using kerneld.

Hope that this works for you...

damon@meta-x.net -- PGP and GPG public keys at http://meta-x.net/keys/

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