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Re: Partition Magic 4.0

PM 4.0 seems to work fine with ext2 partitions themselves with one
exception - and that exception actually involves only Lilo and not ext2

When you move or resize an ext2 partition that has Lilo installed in the
boot sector of the partition, PM 4.0 attempts to rewrite that boot
sector to make corrections for the move. This is because Lilo uses
absolute sector locations to find the files it needs. 

In most cases when I have done this, PM 4.0 gets those changes wrong,
meaning that the partition won't boot afterwards. You have to be
prepared to run Lilo again to get it right. I use Loadlin from DOS to
boot the partition and then run Lilo again.

I reported this to PQ and they confirmed it as a bug (after some
convincing on my part) that will be fixed in an upcoming patch. Just for
reference, I use all extended/logical partitions for Linux, so that's
the only configuration I've tried. 

Bt the way, it also automatically edits your /etc/fstab file when
appropriate. So far it has gotten that right, although I would almost
prefer it didn't do that - or at least provide an option where I could
specify when it does that.


Roman Malinowski wrote:
> I am about to install Debian 2.00 onto my PC with Windows 95 already on
> it.
> I want to pre partition hard drive with Partition Magic 4.00 since
> Powerquest Corp  claims that v4.00 fully supports Linux's ext2.
> Has anybody used Partition Magic 4.00 to create ext2 partitions and does
> it work correctly?
> Thanks Roman Malinowski
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