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Re: NFS mounted /home area from SGI computer, good idea?

George Bonser wrote:

> Yes. Linux uses different UID/GID assignments than SGI does for some
> things. For example, if your home directories are owned by the staff
> group, you might find them owned by the uucp group when mounted on your
> Linux box.  As long as your linux box has the same UID for each user and
> same GID for each group, you should be OK. Otherwise ... it can get really
> weird!

Yeah, I really wish there was a better way to manage UID/GIDs from NFS.
Actually, I think that Linux has some kind of support for that (ie, it
can change UID and GID info) - as long as it's the one doing the
Maybe that's an option on SGI too, although I don't think so though.

Christopher Fury
Aerosoft, Inc.

...a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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