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Re: change a file from Dos to ext2

Cristian Carnutu <ccarnutu@hades.ro> writes:
CC> 1)  I have a file named wabi2.2.tar. 
CC> I made the command    tar -x wabi2.2.tar and nothing happens.

This is because this invocation will try to extract a file named
wabi2.2.tar from the default device, on Debian that being standard
input.  You want to use the -f switch to tar to specify a different
file for input, something like 'tar xf wabi2.2.tar'.  See the tar man
or info pages for more information.

CC> I think because it is a DOS file type. It was on a DOS floppy.
CC> Which is the command to change it to a linux format ?

You can create a Linux ext2 filesystem on an arbitrary device with
'mke2fs /dev/devicename', using /dev/fd0 for the first floppy disk,
for example.  This *will* destroy any data you already have on the
disk.  You can't easily "convert" a DOS FAT filesystem into an ext2

CC> 2)  How do I disable the printing queue? For the moment I don't
CC> need it

You can run (as root) /etc/init.d/lpd stop to temporarily shut it off.
If you want to permanently shut it off but not delete it, follow the
pointer in /etc/init.d/README.  You can also just remove the lpr

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