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Re: DNS-DHCP solution for linux?

On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Ben Jorgensen wrote:

> Is there any such? It would be nice not having to update the DNS server by
> hand all the time. And using DHCP to assign IP:s automatically could solve
> this if there was a tool for updating the DNS server.

This is still in the protocol definition stage by the IETF.  In the
Internet Area, Dynamic Host Configuration working group, there is an
internet draft that defines a potential protocol to allow DHCP clients and
servers to update DNS servers using the Dynamic DNS Updates (RFC2136)
mechanism.  BIND Version 8 has the dynamic updates RFC2136 so it is there.
The DHCP clients or servers would have to be modified to use this to
update DNS, but I don't think this can happen until the aforementioned
internet draft is finalized into an RFC.

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