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Re: Howto: Printing Howtos?

On Mon, 30 Nov 1998 21:13:43 MST, Bob Nielsen wrote:
> Joachim,
> I usually do something like 'zcat XXX-HOWTO.gz | a2ps -4' (although you
> could pipe to lpr instead).

I don't usually print HOWTO's, but something I do with similarly 
formatted text is to use enscript to print "2-up" (two pages side by 
side on one page) to save trees, yet remain easily readable (less page 
flipping, too).  This yields postscript output, so you'll need to have 
the gs package or equivalent setup if you don't have a postscript 
printer.  Anyway, I run a command something like:

  enscript -fTimes-Roman10 -2rG -p infile.txt outfile.ps
  (I mostly do this on other unix brands, so man enscript)

and I can view the output .ps file before printing using my favorite ps 
viewer, xdvi, also packaged for Debian.  Saves a lot of paper.


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