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Re: More dselect wishes

Leandro Dutra (LEANDROD@Amdocs.com) wrote...
> > Bottom line: suggestions can do no harm, and they may help.
> 	I agree.  It's just that people keep asking for things every time,
> and do not even give a try at implementation... some people know they could
> contribute, but others think this is just like Microsoft, where you ask
> and perhaps someone will fulfill your wish.  So it will be no harm
> remembering people they can always do something themselves.

Perhaps youc ould have phrased it a bit better the first time :)  It
-did- feel a bit like an attack.

I don't know about the others, but my suggestions were meant to be
taken more in the sense of "If you're working on this area and wondering
what people are wanting ...".  I know as a developer (and I've worked
on bunches of open-source projects it's often hard to know what the
lusers want because once I've been developing I know the program so
well it's oozing out my ears!

> 	Also, perhaps it would be better to forward such suggestions to
> debian-devel or another list like that...

It might well be, and if somebody who's a deb developer had suggested
it then I would have, but nobody did.  Is there a "suggestion box"
anywhere?  Should there be?


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