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   Hi !
   Anyone have any idea how do I configure my debian box as a router for my
   Anyway, I'm planning to do this and please let me know if my thinking is
   I want to ask my ISP for 32 static IP's ( -
 And I'll assign xxx.33 as my Linux's IP and let them (ISP) configure their
router so that they'll route all traffic for my subnet to my debian box.
   xxx.32 will be my network addy, xxx.64 will be my broadcast and
will be my NetMask. (did I get that right ?)
   I am using ppp to connect to my ISP, so that means xxx.33 will be my ppp0
interface's IP rite ?  What about my eth0 interface ?  Will I also need to give
it one IP of its own since its the only interface my LAN (of windoze puters)
can directly see ?
   How about the routing, what other routes do I have to add ?
   Hope someone can help me.

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