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Re: An alternative to glint (reading rpm's)

Leandro Dutra wrote:
> > what.  Is there a way to see what these applications
> > are, without re-installing redhat???
> 	There is a package to enable the use of .rpm's in Debian, it is
> called... I forget the name!  I'm without access to the web or to a
> Debian machine now, please look for it in dselect or on the search
> machine in http://www.debian.org./

There is a debian package that will read and install RPMs.
It is called.... rpm. (surprise)

However, it is disadvised to use it because it will bypass the dpkg system
and build up cruft on your system, and won't be able to read dependancies
between the two systems.

It is better to use the package called alien to first convert the rpm
to a deb, then install it with dpkg.


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