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Re: Recommandation for LTT

>> "p" == pat  <pat@patoche.org> writes:

p> Mark Phillips suggested me:
>> The only thing I'm worried about is people using my email address for spam
>> purposes.  Perhaps you could do something like
>> markNO.SPAM@istNO.SPAM.flinders.edu.au

p> Does anyone have other suggestions ?

Yes. Don't print the emailaddress in the page, if they worry about

The addressgrabing software can perform different permutations of
addresses. They don't worry, if only one of the addresses they create
from a mungled one is valid.

If you nevertheless want somebody to be able to contact the author of
a script, then create a mailbot, which reacts to mails with subjects
like "send emailaddress for tip #123" by sending the original authors


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