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Hello World doesn't work

Hey all!

 I've decided to get my feet wet with C programming on Linux. I've got two
machines running Debian (hamm). On both, I've created a simple C
program (named "bub.c") like so:

      printf("Howdy, World!\n");

and compiled it with:
  gcc -o bub bub.c

When I run "./bub" on the laptop, I get no output whatsoever. On the
desktop machine it works as advertised.

I double-checked my program on the laptop; even created a new file named
"Hello_World.c" built a bit differently and compiled it. I've also
compiled without the -o option on both files and tried running the
resulting "./a.out", but again, no output.

Any clues? Thanks!

Kent West
KC5ENO - Amateur Radio: When all else fails.
Linux - Finally! A real OS for the Intel PC!

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