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Re: setfont; bo, hamm, slink

On: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 13:24:54 +0400 (AMT) Eugene Sevinian writes:
> Hi all, 
> Recently I am doing some job with console fonts and it turned that
> after running 
> $setfont  some-font 
> $setfont
> the mc and some other programs are losing the pseudographic characters
> which are used to draw frames, borders etc.  Instead pseudographic symbols
> the 'q', 'x' and other leters are appearing on the screen. At the same
> time everything is correct on the BO.  I would like to know is it fixed in
> slink. 

Don't forget the "-u lat1u.uni" argument to setfont, at least I use it
when loading fonts for svgatextmode.


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