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Netscape cache weirdness

I don't know if I'm missing anything obvious, but I'm having problems with
netscrape's cacheing. I discovered last night after a few hours intensive
browsing that the reason why X had slowed down to a heavily disc-chewing
crawl was that netscrape was using 60+ megs of memory. On further
investigation I found that ~/.netscape/cache was 58+ megs. Clearing the
disc cache from within the program only deleted 5 meg. And all this
despite the cache settings being a mere 5 megs. Does anyone know if there
is any reason why netscrape would ignore the cache-settings? If it helps
this is communicator v 4.06.


Dave Swegen <dave@recursive.prestel.co.uk>
.plan: To find a job working with Linux

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