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Re: buggy xbase or am I doing something wrong?

I don't know exactly where you can get one for that chip, but check out
http://www.suse.com they have the XSuse package of video drivers.

Philip Jensen
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Subject:  buggy xbase or am I doing something wrong?

Hallo again,
     I'm not certain if this is a problem on the debian cd's I've got
(cheap bytes) or if I'm
just doing something incredibly stupid, so maybe someone out there can
offer some help.

If I do a fresh debian install (I'm trying to stick linux on my machine at
work) then for X
to work I need the xbase packages and the server (vga and svga, or just
svga?), there are
probably other things as well but they're not too important (?).
Anyway, if I run XF86Setup the graphics card chipset isn't listed (it's a
cirrus logic gl-5465 (hp vectra))
so I'd go for unlisted, I don't know how much memory is on the card
(SuperProbe didn't help).
Provided I don't try to run at more than 1024x768 ( I want 1600x1200, or at
least 1180x )
then xvidtune seemed ok.

Here's the problem.

Once I've exited xvidtune the command prompt is screwed. On my home
computer I cannot
see what I type and the prompt 'steps' on the screen, e.g.
At work I can't type anything and the prompt is appended to the previous
onr, e.g.
]#[ ]#[ ]#[ ]#[ ]#[ ]#[ ]#

I don't think that this is 'normal' becuase if I use the xfree86
distribution I downloaded
then this doesn't happen.

Does any one have any suggestions?

Does any one know where I can get the proper xserver for a cirrus logic
gl-5465 card.

Thanks for your help.

*      "This job's too hard for us" -Andy and Randy Pig

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