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Re: I am quite familiar with redhat, but I am wondering how different Debian is?

In article <cistron.Pine.LNX.3.96.981124234801.5471A-100000@kovax.ml.org>,
Peter Kovacs  <kovacsp@egr.uri.edu> wrote:
>> Edward Ing (ingal@home.com) wrote...
>> And Debian has no equivalent of /etc/rc.d/rc.local.
>That's not completely true.  Debian has an /etc/rcS.d/ which is a general
>equivalent to rc.local.

No, it is something COMPLETELY different.

Things in /etc/rcS.d/ are executed at boot time, before any other
standard services are running. Normally /etc/rc.local is executed
as the LAST thing in the boot process, not the first.

>That's how I get a few things like a samba mount,
>and fetchmail running.

You should do that by placing scripts in /etc/init.d that take a "start"
and "stop" argument, and make appropriate links to it with

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