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RE: Root Menu entry

First, did you restart the window manager?  If not, the menus might not be

Two, as root try running update-menus w/ the verbose options turned on.  See if
the olvwm scripts get called.

On 23-Nov-98 rathon wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using Debian2.0 with olvwm.
> I can right click my mouse and get the pulldown 'Root Menu' that shows
> all the installed stuffs I have put.
> later on, I added a xemacs package(using dselect instead of dpkg)and
> under the pulldown menu:
> Root Menu-Debian-Apps-Editors ....It does not show up!
> I could envoke xemacs by typing it from any xterm.
> Question: How do I add this recent package to my pulldown menu ??

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