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Re: can't make Linux bootable

At 11:35 AM 11/20/98 -0500, Richard Hall wrote:
>I did try to run the commands as you describe, and still got 'not found',
>so, if you suspect the shell, what does that mean?  What can I do about
>On Fri, 20 Nov 1998, Daniel Mashao wrote:
>> On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, Richard Hall wrote:
>> > I have made it almost all the way through an installation, but I cannot
>> > make Linux bootable from the hard disk.  The error message I get is
>> > "/target/sbin/lilo: not found".  The file is, in fact, there, but I get
>> > the same message even when I try to run lilo manually from the other
>> > console.  In fact, I tried several other commands in /target/sbin, and I
>> > always get 'not found'.  This looks like a permissions problem, but lilo
>> > is world readable and executable.
>> why not run the commands in the /target/sbin directory. Eg cd to
>> /target/sbin then run ./lilo   If this does not work then I suspect the
>> shell.
>> Daniel J. Mashao	      	
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>> University of Cape Town	       	            http://www.ee.uct.ac.za/~daniel 
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>Richard Hall
>Network Services
>University of Tennessee

I'm just getting in on this thread, but I suspect you're a newbie and you
may not have noticed Daniel's use of "./" in front of "lilo". A security
feature of Debian is that you can't run an executable in your current
directory without specifying the path. (This prevents someone from doing
something nasty like creating an executable named "ls" that will erase the
entire drive, and then calling the sysadmin on the phone and saying "hey,
there's something wrong with my directory. Would you take a look at it?"
and the superuser then going into that directory and ls'ing the drive to

At any rate, I just wanted to suggest you type "./lilo" and not simply
"lilo" when you're in the directory that contains that file.

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