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Re: 1st time configuring samba

*- Eugene Sevinian wrote about "1st time configuring samba"
> Hi all,
> I am trying to   configure samba following smb.conf comments
> but can  not understand where should I look  for 
> BROWSING.txt according to  which I have to set some  parameters.
> I looked at w95 side by in vain, the same with linux.
> TIA,
> Eugene Sevinian
> ----------------------------
> CRD, YerPhI, 375036, Armenia
> URL: http://crdlx5.yerphi.am/
> Phone: 374-2-344873

Assuming you have installed the Debian samba package


or on the web at(look at http://samba.org.au/samba/ for a mirror
closer to you)


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