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Re: Printing Error

This is better asked in debian-user.



Carmen Correia wrote:
> I work at a public hospital in Portugal. The hospital has a LAN of
> almost 300 personal computers. The vertical distribution is made
> through a FDDI ring and the horizontal distribution is made through
> Ethernet. 
> The hospital has a Novell Netware 4.x server with a software installed
> called ?Unix to Netware Print Services? and its function is mainly as
> a print server. 
> Recently I got a system with Debian Linux 2.0.34 and I was trying to
> define a remote printer. I edited the /etc/printcap file and put the
> following lines:
> 	info_dj01|rlp|Remote printer entry
> 	:rm=Netware
>            :rp=info_dj01
>            :sd=/var/spool/lpd/remote
>            :mx#0
>            :sh       
> When I print the file /etc/hosts with the command ?lp ?d info_dj01
> /etc/hosts? I receive the following error:
>  info_dj01: Link_send: PROTOCOL ERROR - pending input from ´Netware´
> after ACK received.
> Question: How can I eliminate this error ?
> Although the file is printed in my HP Deskjet printer, it seems that
> is missing a carriage return and my printed file looks like this:
> localhost
>              hph_linux.........
> Question: How can I get my file printed correctly in my deskjet
> printer ?
> I got a banner for every file I print. I try to use the command ?lp ?d
> info_dj01 ?o nobanner /etc/hosts?, and the result is only a form feed,
> a single white sheet of paper, with no banner and no file.
> Question: How can I eliminate the banner, and still print the file ?
> Thank you for your help.
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