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Re: Compiling kernels

> Is any one here a kernel guru?  I posted a problem a couple of times this
> week that no one seems to be able to help me with.  Is there much difference
> in success and error when using xconfig and the other make options?  I tried
I use make menuconfig, xconfig just wouldn't run for me.

> using xconfig to rebuild my kernel for sound.   I'm sure added support for
> both network and sound and I also compiled the modules but now I no longer
> have either working.  I'm also unsure as to how to bring back the original
> version of the kernel (I'm currently using my boot disk.
You can copy the kernel from bootdisk to /vmlinuz, and re-run lilo.

when you made modules - did you run
make modules, make modules install and depmod -a   ?
Try setting up without modules, the modules have some extra steps
that could confuse you.  Experiment with modules when the
other stuff is ok again.

Helge Hafting

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