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Firewall on kernel ...


 I'm using kernel 2.0.35 and trying to use ipfwadm !
 When I'm using kernel compiled with IP firewall, IP forward .... and some
more IP options (i not at my machine at the moment) I can't get my ISDN
connection ! ;(
 It says something like: dial suppressed: connection stopped!
 At this moment i'm not still using any ipfwadm option !
 Is kernel assuming something by default and don't let me get my
connection !?

 How could i resolve this situation ?


 Best regards,
  Nuno Carvalho

BTW: is there any patch to apply on kernel 2.0.35 to use ipchains !?

   Nuno Emanuel F. Carvalho
 Dep. Informatics Engineering
    University of Coimbra

  PGP key available at finger

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