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RE: One more convinced Linux newbie.

On Mon, 9 Nov 1998, Robert Cloud wrote:

> Kent ... THANK YOU!!! This particular fact seems
> to be missing from the install guide (or maybe
> I just missed it).
> Anyway, I've made some progress! I actually
> have made the partitions.


> If you don't mind I've got another problem.

Not at all; but I should warn you; I'm no expert.

> I've got all the Linux files on the c: Win98/dos drive.
> How do i get to them.
> In unix "/" means root directory, will "//"
> get me to change drives.
> Can I even read the files on the win98/dos partition, or
> can I copy the files to the Linux root.

Yes, you can get to them. When the installation program asks what method
you want to use to install the base system (NFS, FTP, CD-ROM, Floppy, or
Already Mounted Drive are the options I think), select Already Mounted
Drive; when it asks for the path, enter
/dev/hda2/[directory name where the files are]
I BELIEVE this is correct, but again, I may be steering you wrong. (I
always used the ftp method since I was online.) If this doesn't work,
holler back and I'll try again.
> Look, I know that newbies can be a pain ... but I could really use your
> help,
> besides ... you got me this far. Whaddaya say?

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