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Internet Fax


  From the internet via Email or the WWW now you can send your
  FAX documents at savings of up to 70% from local rates.

  NETFAX Service features include:

  1) Competetive rates at 30 / 6 seconds billing.
  2) Fast, reliable delivery.
  3) Billing for delivered messages only.
  4) Automated retries.
  5) Upload / attach all popular word processor and graphics files.
  6) Immediate confirmations to your email address, including refrence
     numbers and  billing codes.
  7) Daily activity reports.            (FREE)
  8) Detailed billing.                  (FREE)
  9) Corporate logos                    (FREE)
  10) Corporate accounts.               (FREE)

  No setup fees or monthly subscription charges.

World-Link Communications, Inc. a leader in messaging services 
provides global Fax, Telex, Email, and Internet services since 1989.

For further details please email us at info@wlnet.com or visit us at 

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