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solution to: sendmail 8.9.1 DontBlameSendmail option for :include:

Hi people!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i solved my trouble.....
in the worst way !!!!!!!!!!!!!
1] i stopped sendmail
2] i copied sendmail 8.8.8 on /usr/sbin
3] i reinstalled  majordom by debian 1.3 cd (on that server debian 1.3 is
4] i changed majordom's group from daemon to majordom (uid 30 gid 31 on debian
5] i restarted sendmail
that's all :-)
1 step award and many back....
now all is working...
and...enjoy with it :))
someone knows a real solution?

Maurizio Marini                         39A90F832D1FC981  A5E768D4CE9E1FB8
Amm.ne Prov.le di Pesaro e Urbino       tel. +39(721)359520
Via Mazzolari, 4                        fax. +39(721)33930
61100 - Pesaro (Italy)                  mailto:maumar@provincia.ps.it

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