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[HalloweenII] RedHat and Debian:

Eric S. Raymond has made another memo from Vinod Valloppillil public.


I do not thionk it's as interesting as the first, but it mentions
Debian (and RedHat)

[About RedHat]

                 One of the larger "grants" however has been the now
                 universal "Redhat Package Manager" or RPM which ships
                 with almost all Linux distributions. RPM creates the
                 concept of an application manifest which simplifies the
                 job of installing & removing applications on top of

                 Redhat's current development project is a new GUI for
                 Linux call "Gnome". Gnome is a response to latent
                 concerns with non-GPL versions of the X-windows user

[About Debian]

                 Other Linux distributions seem to be falling by the wayside
                 of RedHat and Caldera. They include SlackWare, SuSe, and
                 Debian to name a few. A comprehensive list of
                 distributions can be found on http://www.linux.org.

Falling by the wayside?

Peter er den mindst gamle af de gammeldags usenettere, og moderator på
den eneste modererede gruppe i dk.*, so there.
                                                     - RockBear

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