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MuPAD window problem (copy and past)

I use MuPAD (xmupad) under debian2.0 and have the following
problem with "copy and past").

Usually when I mark some text e.g. in emacs using the left key
of mouse then I can past e.g. in  vim, netscape, ... using the 
third key of mouse (actually the emulation of it by pushing at the
same time both keys of mouse) 
but I can not do that in the xview MuPAD window, that means
I cannot copy anything to MuPAD window from anywhere and even from
MuPAD window to the same MuPAD window using  mouse.

It is normal behavior of xview MuPAD window (very poor editor)
or does anyone know how to achieve select (mouse left key)
and past (emulation of the third mouse key) ?

Thanks in advance,

Could you please send the answer to krupa@alpha.sggw.waw.pl because
the mailing list too busy for me (I read the archives).

Jan Krupa

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