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Re: how to install slink netscape?

On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Markus M. Schneider wrote:

> > that the actual netscape binaries were now included in these packages...is
> > this wrong?  When I tried to run netscape, it wasn't there.  I don't have
> > a /usr/X11R6/bin/netscape (which I think should probably be a link to
> > /usr/lib/netscape/45b2/wrapper or something).  All I seem to have are the
> > wrappers...no real netscape binaries.
> I additionally had to install communicator-base-45 and
> communicator-smotif-45. The corresponding dependencies seam to be
> missing.

I recently upgraded as well but now communicator fails with a bus
error.  I've also upgraded to the latest libc and X packages in

Has anyone else seen this problem?

Jean Pierre

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