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Operation not permitted !?

Ok, now im totally lost so any help is appreciated...

Ok here is my problem...

I installed Debian 2.0  2.0.34 kernel

I have a 3Com Etherlink III 3C5090

No gateway

Directly after installation it works fine,
I can ping from my win98 box and I can ping any other machine from my linux

First i did after login with root was to reboot
Then my network was down....
I cant ping my linux box from the win98 box
and when i try to ping any  IP within the net ping replies with
(win98 is but any ip in this net gives me same result)
Send to: Operation not permitted

I can ping my own IP

If i ping any IP outside my local network I get Network unreachable as it's
supposed to tell me...

ifconfig tells me my eth0 is up and running and kernel route looks ok is routed to eth0

This is just confusing and I have reinstalled 4 times... same thing every

help! :/


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