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Re: xfstt + xset

On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Stephen J. Carpenter wrote:

> > Now that xfstt is tackled on this thread, why can't I see any TTfonts
> > when I run an xsession?
> > 
> > I have copied some TTfonts on /var/ttfonts/, xfstt is running as a daemon
> > tho' I have to manually enter the entries into /etc/rc?.d.  Doesn't the
> > dpkg install script do this?
> > 
> > $ps ax |grep xfstt
> > 142  ?  S    0:00 /usr/X11R6/bin/xfstt --port 7101
> > 
> > What else do I need to do Steph?
> Well for starters, put the fonts in /usr/share/fonts/truetype not /var/ttfonts.
> (unless you are using the hamm version...then you are right :))

I've upgraded to hamm =8^) 

> The script SHOULD (last time I looked does) install the rc.d links for the 
> init.d script...are you SURE it doesn't? If not the proper way to add them
> (which the deb file is suposed to do) is "update-rc.d xfstt defaults"

When I upgraded xfstt (never thought it was installed when I had 1.3).  It
placed the file /etc/init.d/xfstt.dpkg-new.  So i had to symlink the
entries in /etc/rc?.d using that file.

> Do you mean you need to manually enter the font path every time you start X?


> if that is the problem then I suggest the following:
> edit /etc/X11/Xf86config and add to the fontpaths:

Thanks for pointing that out.


Admiral Charah
Technical Support Group 
Cyberspace Laoag, ISP

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