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Re: Haunted PPP daemon.....

On 1 Nov 1998 john@dhh.gt.org wrote:

> Ryan Kirkpatrick writes:
> > They never specified what authentication protocal to be used (chap or
> > pap), while I was.
> You need to understand that ppp is a peer to peer protocol.  There is no
> server and no client: it works exactly the same way whether you are a user
> dialing in or an ISP.  When you specify an authentication protocol you are
> telling pppd to demand that the other end authenticate to you using that
> protocol.  That's how an ISP goes about requiring you to use PAP.  He, of
> course, will not authenticate to you.

	Sorry, you are correct... I just needed some way to differentiate
between my ISP and my system, and since they are "serving" me an Internet
connection, and I am the "client" of the Internet connection, I used the
naming as such.
	As for the authentication protocal, I understand now. The ISP was
demanding an auth protocol and I was demanding one as well. Guess it does
not work even when both demand the same auth protocal... Guess the reason
I got confused is that my old RH4.2 desktop box demands pap (via +ua) and
has been working fine. Of course that is version 2.2.0 of pppd, and the
one I had on my laptop was 2.3.x, a relatively large jump. :)
	Thanks for the clarifications.

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