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problems with isdn

I'm new user of debian 2.0  buyed Lehmann, before moving
to debian I used the SuSE 5.3 but the was SuSE manage the
system don't make me happy, however several things make
me moving to Debian.
First installation was easy and rebuilding kernel with own needings
-hardware, networking is easy done, but I can't establish a correct
the output of /sbin/route -n and with optional debug info inf files
/var/log/syslog and /var/log/messages looks very pretty good;
I can login to my Provider:
. connect
. exchange protocol
. my password is accepted
. the network compression is ok
. the connection is stable,
but on port 53 which means my side waits for "action" from the
provider side.
Please can anyone help me solving this problems.
I can send a detailled output of system-messages and Configuration-
Files if You need it.
thanxs a lot


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