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Re: UPS systems and Debian/Linux?

Someone else was wondering the same thing:


Personally, I have a best patriot pro for my system, and it works good.
It has saved me from lots of little power problems (same circuit breaker
as my sterio and two garage door openers) and one 30 sec power failure so

Checkout www.pricewatch.com and www.pricescan.com for cheap mail order

On Sun, 1 Nov 1998, Chris R. Martin wrote:

> I am looking to get a couple UPS units to protect my (2) Debian 2.0/Linux
> boxes. I don't need a lot of running time; I just want to be able to
> shutdown in case of a short power outage. I need a unit with uses a serial
> port to communicate its status, but statistics, etc are not needed. Also, I
> don't have a large budget for this.


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