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On Sat, 31 Oct 1998, Bill Miller wrote:

<polite note: all caps locked titles aren't nice>

> I am brand spankin' new to Debian Linux.  I am really looking forward to
> using it for GIS and also as a way to learn Unix.  The Debian Linux
> Installation How-To  says that you have to copy about six or so files to
> floppy disk in order to install from floppy disks (yes, I read that this
> is the worst possible installation method).  I have chosen to install
> from floppies because  1.) I am a cheap date, 2.) I am trying to use the
> absolutely cheapest route to Linux nirvana, 3.) I am using a cheapo 486
> DX2/100 computer that has no modem or CD-ROM, 4.) I'm a glutton for
> punishment (can't be any worse than NT 4.0).

So this machine has not net connection?
> I have several problems with the file copying that I baaadly need help
> with.
> First,  the instructions say to use the utility program, rawrite, to
> write the appropriate files to my 1.44 MB 3.5" floppy disks.   As both
> rawrite and the other files are located on your server, how do I use
> rawrite on your server to access the files on your server  and indicate
> the result should end up on my A: drive?

You need to get a copy of this utility (download it to your W95 machine).

> Second, when I format floppy disks in Windows 95 ( which exists on a
> system that is not the target Linux box), the format program says I have
> 1.45 MB free on each floppy.  However, both the Windows Explorer and My
> Computer screens say I have 1.38 MB free.  This makes a direct copy (ie.
> not run through rawrite) of the .bin files impossible as each file is
> 1.44 MB.

Then grab the floppy images, and type 

rawrite [filename]

to put the image onto the floppy.

It's probably worth making 2 copies of everything, since floppies can



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